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This book is supposed to be a really good read. I had an incident at work the other day. My boss was showing of his new gadget. Of course I love new gadgets, so i was watching him talk about all the things it could do. Then he said something about the most important thing. The next thing I know he brings up a video with a girl in underwear. I was peeved by this, and left. The next day I had someone tell him never to do it again. Later on that day, it was still bugging me so I went to one of the only christian men I work with. He helped talk me through what happened, and said that I did the right thing. He suggested this book to me, to try and help me let this go. the battle with Satan is a hard one, but it is overcome-able. Over the course of the next couple of month, I want to take up donations for the young men of my Church. This book and others of the sort, would be greatly appreciated. I will be responding soon with a P.O.BOX address.

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