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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway!!

Dear Canbnyes,

Thank you for entering into my giveaway, for the wonderful comments and for joining my wife's blog.  You seem like a very nice person and very deserving of this gift.  You are a wonderful stitcher and very ingenuitive.  I thank you for all the wonderful pieces of art that you have made and I hope you continue doing such wonderful works.  Furthermore thank you to all who entered in my giveaway and thank you for all the wonderful comments.  It was a pleasure to make this piece and to give my blogging friends a chance to win it. 

Please contact me at amc . bbc . with your name and full address so I can ship it to you in time for Halloween.  If I am not contacted in the next week, I will have to chose another winner.


  1. I can't read the name very good, but I think Canbnyes is the winner? So congratulations to her !!!!

  2. Oh my Goodness! I won. Thank you so much. Your wife sent me an email and I got back to her. I can't wait to show off this wonderful giveaway!

    Happy Halloween to your family!



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