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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Progress on Halloween Giveaway

This is a project I have started for a Halloween giveaway!  There are four simple ways to gain chances to enter... 
1. You must (be/become) a follower
2. You must comment on this post
3. You must post about this giveaway on your blog
4. You can join my wife's blog for an extra chance.
Keep in mind this is not the finished product, but only my progress.  The winner will be announced 2 weeks before Halloween to allow time required for shipping.  As of the moment, I am carving out the shape and features of the pumpkin.  Next, I will begin to wood burn so as to give the pumpkin dimension.  Following all this I will varnish it to bring out the natural color of the pumpkin.  Although not very visible the top portion of this piece says "Trick or Treat" which will become more visible after varnishing.

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  1. This is realy amazing, how you come up with this.


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