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Friday, August 26, 2011

For My Life Long Partner, My Love, And Laughter. My Inspiration, My Happily Ever After.

I was sort of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I stare,
At the fantasy I knew before,
I saw you standing there.

For I was always hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song


  1. Darling,

    I just love your post. It means so very much to me. I love you so much. Thank you for being the greatest husband in the world!


  2. What a lovely thought. It's wonderful. I'm a follower of your wife, so I had to come check out your blog too. Your daughter is adorable. I'm following you now, so I'll talk to you again, I'm sure!! Your wife said you cross stitch too. I think... If you do, I'd LOVE to see what you're working on and have finished in the past. I love to look at pics. As a matter of fact, one of my Brit friends just recently called me a terror when it comes to bugging people for photos, lol. Have a great rest of the weekend!!

  3. Thank you for your comment Julie. I look forward to hearing from you again. If you look to the left side of my page under pages you can see pic's of my Cross stitch and Wood Working

  4. This is so very interesting, and it makes me feel so smart. Your communication of how you feel as a husband and father is so great! May it only get better and last forever!


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